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From vintage vinyl players to the latest in surround sound technology, they explore the nuances of sound through detailed reviews, engaging discussions, and hands-on testing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater or simply share a love for rich audio experiences, Amateur Audiophile is your guide to the best gear on the market. Tune in to discover how to enhance your listening environment, decode technical specs, and turn your home into an audiophile’s oasis. Connect with Neil, Justin, and fellow audio enthusiasts to fuel your passion for sound.

Amateur Audiophile

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Join hosts Neil and Justin each week for new trends in home theater systems.

Hosts & Crew
Neil Kagan, co-host of Amateur Audiophile Podcast
Justin Bethune, co-host of Amateur Audiophile Podcast

Join Justin Bethune and Neil Kagan as they discuss their home audio and home theater inerests.

How to setup a home theater with subwoofers.




Join Neil Kagan and Justin Bethune as they discuss Dayton Audio, Marantz, Martin & Logan, and a surprisingly low pricetag for all of their incredible home audio finds.

He paid how much for a Martin & Logan Home Audio System?



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