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Make your listings pop.

In the digital world, think of high-quality video as your business suit. Just like dressing sharp and looking polished helps you make a great impression in person, a sleek video does the same for you online. It’s all about putting your best foot forward and grabbing people’s attention.

Work Examples

  • As a creative agency, we operate like a dynamic lab of ideas, continually blending diverse concepts to innovate in cinematography for businesses. Our mission is to master the art of capturing human attention positively, transforming it into impactful visual storytelling that resonates with audiences.

    Being seen means doing something special.

  • "Go Live from Almost Anywhere" offers the ultimate flexibility in live broadcasting, allowing us to stream in high quality from virtually any location with internet access via Starlink. This capability ensures that your events, announcements, or live discussions can be broadcast seamlessly, regardless of where they happen.


    This service opens up a world of possibilities for live streaming from unconventional or remote locations, bringing unique content to your audience and providing a fresh perspective on live events. Whether you're covering a secluded outdoor event or broadcasting from a hard-to-reach locale, our technology ensures a reliable and smooth streaming experience.

    Go live from your listing, wherever it is.

  • Orchestrated first-person drone fly-throughs flow naturally through spaces, captivating global social media audiences. This content transcends cultural and language barriers, blending music, motion, and architectural beauty to engage viewers.

    Our drones a custom-built to operate indoors and only fly under the supervision of a FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Pilot to help you avoid fines and and potential property loss related to working with unlicensed operators.

    FPV Drone Pilot

  • Expertly piloted aerial drone footage offers sweeping views and stunning perspectives, capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide. This visually rich content effortlessly bridges cultural and language gaps, combining breathtaking landscapes with dynamic movement to mesmerize viewers.

    Our aerial drones are operated exclusively outdoors by FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Pilots, ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory standards. This meticulous oversight helps you avoid legal complications and potential damages associated with unlicensed drone operations.

    Aerial Drone Footage

  • Our live shows provide a dynamic platform for global interaction, allowing viewers from around the world to call in and engage directly with the host. This format not only enhances viewer participation but also enriches the content by incorporating diverse perspectives and questions in real-time.

    Each show is meticulously managed by experienced professionals to ensure smooth operation and adherence to broadcasting standards, safeguarding against any potential issues while maximizing audience engagement and satisfaction.

    Engage With Live Audiences

  • Motion graphics are key visual aids in marketing, guiding audiences to clear conclusions with dynamic visuals. They enhance storytelling, making messages more engaging and effective, and are essential tools for influencing consumer behavior.

    These dynamic graphics enhance storytelling and boost viewer engagement, making complex concepts easily understandable and visually appealing.

    Tell better stories with motion graphics for video.

  • We prioritize strict adherence to state and federal regulations in real estate advertising, ensuring that our clients' promotional activities meet artistic standards while complying with legal requirements. Our focus on legal compliance safeguards our clients against potential legal issues, making sure every campaign reflects inclusivity and integrity. We meticulously verify that all advertising includes necessary brokerage details such as the firm name and contact information, ensuring transparency and accountability.

    Our approach extends to maintaining rigor in content accuracy and online compliance, particularly in the dynamic sphere of digital marketing. We continuously educate our team and verify compliance with evolving real estate regulations, equipping our campaigns to be not only creative but also legally sound. By partnering with Build Something Media, realtors are assured of effective advertising that adheres to the complex landscape of real estate advertising laws, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best—selling properties.

    We always check your industry's legal requirements for advertising at the state, local, and federal levels to avoid costly fines.

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