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Justin Bethune

Creator In Chief

Justin Bethune: A Visionary in Modern Construction and Design 

Justin Bethune, our Creator in Chief, stands as a towering figure in the construction and design industry. With his name becoming synonymous with innovation and excellence, Justin's journey from an ambitious entrepreneur to a construction business legend is nothing short of inspirational. 

As the driving force behind Home Source Network, Crawl Logic, Lux Dreamspaces, and Build Something Media, Justin has redefined what it means to create living spaces.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Professional Milestones 

Justin embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision and a relentless drive to innovate. As the owner and visionary behind several companies in the construction sector, he has consistently pushed boundaries. Home Source Network has become a well-known brand for those seeking comprehensive construction solutions, while Crawl Logic offers cutting-edge approaches to space utilization and crawlspace encapsulations. 

Lux Dreamspaces, perhaps the most emblematic of his ventures, transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, specializing in home theaters, home automation systems, podcast studios, and recording studios. 

Build Something Media captures the essence of his journey, showcasing the power of creativity and innovation in the construction industry. 

A Unique Approach to Innovation 

Justin's success stems from his unique approach to construction and design. By meticulously analyzing everything available on the market, he leverages existing tools and products to forge spaces that are unique, interesting, and innovative. His philosophy is simple yet profound: to create not just spaces, but experiences that resonate on a personal level with his clients. This dedication to innovation ensures that every project undertaken by his companies stands out for its creativity, functionality, and personal touch.

Justin Bethune
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