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Build Something Uniquely You.

With live video, podcasting, brand coaching, and web development for business, political organizations, content creators, podcasters, and people who want to be seen.

Tell your best stories with visual detail.

You've probably seen a little bit of everything, and it's that expertise and experience that makes you special, interesting, and engaging. 

Our straightforward pricing and digital media packages enable storytelling without technical know-how or unclear costs, leaving you with a fully-produced digital presence.

We'll create a ad strategy that lands your business' ad on screen next to your favorite tv shows. This means you'll have a captive audience while people are watching tv as a family, watching a show before bedtime, or sneaking an episode of their favorite superhero show at the office.

TV (Streaming Ads)

We have studio-based and travel podcasting packages. Options include HD video add-ons, Live video broadcasting, clip generation and captioning, snack and drink service, entertainment add-ons and more.

Podcast Studio

Make your products pop as we create a cinematic representation of the value your product brings to your customer, making it the heroic solution to your target customer using video, motion graphics, ai upscaling, and our professional production crew.

Video Ads

"The most value in the current moment is with live video. Period. You can reach a real person, overcome all of their sales objections, and accept payment via venmo or paypal or zelle or whatever and thank them in front of all your viewers at the same time. The internet is very social, and there's a lot of goodness to it, and live video, brings back some of the humanity, reality, and especially service quality to the internet that hadn't really existed previously because of technical restraints."
-Chris Moreland
Creative Director, BSM

Live Video & Selling

Our Services

Video For

Silent Brigade Apple Pie Moonshine

Build Something Media Podcast Service

Crawl Logic Nashville

American Shaman CBD & Hemp

Who is Build Something Media?

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Chris Moreland

Chris serves as our field general, getting everything and everyone across the finish line together.

His technical and design work span two decades.

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Justin Bethune

You've seen his face all over, and he's likely the reason you're looking at this website. A serial entrepreneur and construction business legend, Justin's work has made grown men so joyful they dare to weep softly.

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Blake DeRusha

The third partner and most capable with a camera, Blake is our on-set advisor, gaffer, and expert cinematographer. His work ranges from music videos to commercial ads and everything in between. 

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Emma Bradley

Emma is our director of sales and development for the Chattanooga/North Georgia Area. Her background in software sales and customer service provide a foundation to help build her network and book of business.

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Cristy Powell

Cristi is our outreach and field sales director for the Chattanooga Area. She is also our operating partner for the Chattanooga Business Networking Group 2.0, which hosts events that connect Chattanooga's business community with new faces at events throughout the city.

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Travis Clayton

Travis is our clip guy. He takes mountains of video, audio, and graphics and somehow turns them into coherent, web-ready clips of crispy goodness.

A person with long brown hair wearing a purple hoodie.
Neil Kagan

Our most capable drone pilot. Neil performs aerial acrobatics with a number of drone types including First Person View (FPV) drones.Neil can perform acrobatics with his drones at speeds up to and over 100 mph.

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